Alphalign® – what is it?

How do you put a smile in your practice

Break new ground , making you and your patients joy.You can offer your patients like the optimum with a smile?Then Alphalign® is right for you.
Mit Alphalign®,the medical and esthetic perfect teeth straightening,give your patients the most beautiful smile.Alphalign® corrects any type of malocclusion. Crooked teeth, crowding, Interleaves or gaps – no problem. Alphalign® moved gently, comfortable and invisible. Learn all about the Alphalign® - Treatment and the benefits for your patients:
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Alphalign® – how does it work?

We Alphalign developed as a perfect solution for a radiant smile. Alphalign is dental innovation gaps and misalignments. Custom made plastic rails bring the teeth in top form –completely invisible,without cumbersome braces or metal wires. Give your patients a new life: We Alphalign® developed as a brand. Quality of German dentists – from practice, for practice. Find answers to your questions about Alphalign® treatment:
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Is it for me, too?

Alphalign® has only advantages – all win:
Your patients and you!

  • Expand your treatment spectrum
  • Your practice is gaining continuous and sustainable
  • Combine Alphalign e.g. with implant treatments: Function and aesthetics go hand in hand
  • … – learn more about the benefits of Alphalign® for your practice:
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