Alphalign® – what is it?

Invisible braces for your most beautiful smile

If your teeth march to a different tune, Alphalign® would be the especially comfortable and gentle orthodontic treatment. Aligners, which are individually developed for you, bring out the best in your teeth – totally invisible, without any irritating braces or brackets. Get all information on Alphalign® treatments and the advantages for you:
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Alphalign® – how does it work?

Dental correction with Alphalign® is the perfect treatment, both medically and aesthetically. Alphalign® gently corrects your teeth with transparent, removable braces – not to be mistaken for the so-called »grinder braces«. Get more information on the treatment with Alphalign®:
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Is it for me, too?

Your most beautiful business card: A bright smile

A smile can be… kind, open-minded and convincing. Sometimes whimsical. Disarming, when necessary. But most importantly: Irresistible. The more faultless the teeth, the more attractive the smile is. Unfortunately, the most people are irritated by tooth spaces or mal-positioned teeth. Do you feel the same?
No matter, how old you are: Alphalign® corrects small as well as large malpositions – gently, conveniently and invisible for the people you are surrounded by. Make your smile the most amazing business card – professionally and privately. Learn more about the Alphalign® Concept:
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Where can i get Alphalign®?

In order to get more information on where the Alphalign® braces are available, please be so kind to check our overview page for Alphalign® specialised dentists and orthodontics:
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